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Meet Terra...

Business & Life Coach

I’m excited our paths have crossed and I appreciate you taking time to stop here for a bit. I’m curious what has brought you here. I believe nothing is by mistake. So, let me start by telling you my story and then maybe you’d like to share yours. 


As a Coach, I’ve been moving people's lives with my company, Move With Terra, since 2018. I have been blessed with two wonderful children in life who both inspire me everyday to be a better mom, friend and coach. My intention is to bring the feeling of being alive and loved everyday to those around me.


Over the years, I’ve developed my brand, Move with Terra, to support three pillars of life: Rise, Serve, and Thrive!  


RISE - with intention everyday, rise up, look up and give thanks

SERVE - shift your focus to others, and your perspective on life will lighten, your heart softened and soul fulfilled

THRIVE - a life of gratitude and service leads to abundance and joy.  

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Girl on SUP at sunset

"There are only two days in the year where nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly LIVE."

Dalai Lama

Coaching Plans

Coaching Topics:

  • Think and Grow Rich Conversation

  • Goal Setting and Execution

  • Establish Keystone Habits for Success

  • Take Control of Your Calendar

  • Morning Routine

  • Finding the Leader Within

  • Self Empowerment and Acceptance

  • Implement Strategies and Systems for Business and Life

  • Create More Treasure on the Journey

  • Move From Dreamer to Dream Maker

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Darien Hall, Broker Associate, TX

"I could hear not only in her voice but from her presence aloneI I could feel she was truly devoted to helping me discover and get after the business and life I desired. She took the time to ask critical questions that challenged and allowed me to see things differently but from different perspectives. By doing so, she helped me to uncover gifts that allowed me to tap back into my true self and thrive in business, health and personal life. For me, Terra brings more than coaching, she brings mentorship, a great teammate and someone who brings clarity when you seem to be far into the weeds. I sincerely recommend coach Terra to anyone who is ready to go after the life they deserve."


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